MINI-55 engine installed in the traditional boat Norfeu 30

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Boat type Semi-displacement
Model Norfeu 30
Length 5
Displacement 1
Application Recreational
Replaced New installation
Equipment installed MINI-55
Other equipment installed
Service Norfeu Boats

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Inspired in a traditional catalan boat, made of polyester resin and fiberglass. Meets the CE certification.

It is a modernized ""llaud"": the bow is released to prevent splashing of the waves when sailing against the wind, this feature also gives a unique style to the boat, another detail is that it is self-draining and can be governed with console or cane.
It is an ideal boat to go with family or friends to spend a day between beaches, fishing, sun and relax. The navigation is comfortable and smooth; furthermore has little fuel consumption and requires little maintenance.

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