Moody 346 sailboat repowering with Solé MINI-44 engine

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Boat type Sailing boat
Model Moody 346
Length 10
Displacement 2
Application Recreational
Replaced Thornycroft T80D
Equipment installed MINI-44
Other equipment installed
Service Engines Plus

Inboard diesel engines for boats

This time the MINI-44 was installed in replacement of a Thornycroft T80D engine. The ship is a Moody 346, a sailyatch designed by Bill Dixon and built at Marine Projects Ltd.
After the removal of the old engine, the bilge and engine bay was restored and repainted leaving an unpolluted finish.
Fortunately, the measurements of both motors are quite similar, the width between the engine mounts have a difference of only 3 mm, so it was not necessary to modify the bench width. However, it was necessary to adapt the height of the bench, to save the difference, a box section steel was anchored to the engine bed.
A flexible R&D coupling was installed between the gear and the shaft.

Installation was made by Graham Collins through Engines Plus Ltd.
Marchwood Yacht Club in Southampton.

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