MINI-62 engine installation on Belliure 35 cruising sailboat

Our assemblies

Boat type Sailing boat
Model Belliure 35
Length 11
Displacement 0
Application Long crossings
Equipment installed MINI-62
Other equipment installed

Discover the range of Solé Diesel boat engines, developed for commercial vessels of all types. Changing your boat's engine has never been so easy thanks to customised re-engining brackets that save you time and costs.

Take a look at this new project, where we have installed one of our marine engines, the Solé MINI-62. It is a 4-cylinder inboard diesel engine built with a Mitsubishi block, and it has a power output of 59 hp. A perfect choice for small boats that require a powerful, efficient and durable marine engine.

This time, the objective was to breathe new life into a Belliure 35 cruising yacht. The owner of this iconic 1980s boat currently uses it for long voyages, which is why they needed a propulsion engine, which would guarantee stable and safe navigation.

We hope you enjoy many hours at sea and thank you for your confidence in Solé marine engines.

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