Installation of SDZ-280 engine on Villa Dhuvelli passenger ship, Maldives

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Boat type Semi-displacement
Model Villa Dhuvelli 28
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Commercial boat
Equipment installed SDZ-280
Other equipment installed
Service DBlue

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We present this magnificent project carried out in the Maldives by Solé's distributor in the country, DBlue Marine.

On this occasion, the Villa Dhuvelli 28, the Villa Hotels resort passenger boat which is used to transport guests of the hotel complex between the different islands and facilities, had to be repowered.

The engine chosen was the 6-cylinder Solé SDZ-280 with turbocharger, intercooler and mechanical injection. Built with a Deutz base engine, this marine engine offers a power output of 272 hp and is ideal for commercial vessels with continuous duty requirements.

In addition to the engine, several customised kits were also included, such as the exhaust system and the diesel system, which optimise the engine's operation and are vital for its correct performance.

Without a doubt, the SDZ-280 engine is the perfect model for passenger boats, fishing boats, catamarans and tugboats.

In addition to the installation performed by the distributor, our engineering team came on board to assist with the commissioning and ensure the engine's high performance and complete installation. There, the Solé team was able to perform various water tests and then accompany the crew and passengers on the first transfers.


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