Installation of a 35 GT generator set on the Dhuvelli 65 cargo vessel

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Boat type Vessel
Model Dhuvelli 65
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Cargo vessel
Equipment installed 35 GT
Other equipment installed
Service DBlue

Solé Diesel offers its range of marine generators to marine professionals. Discover all the power ratings and request a no-obligation quote from an authorised distributor. Solé specialises in customised solutions.

Solé's distributor in the Maldives, DBlue Marine, is once again sharing another project for one of its reference clients, the resort hotel complex Villa Hotels.

This job involved installing a generator on the Dhuvelli 65 cargo ship, which is used to transport and supply goods and supplies to the various resorts and their facilities.

Given this need, a generator set capable of generating electrical power on a constant basis was required to supply the auxiliary equipment on board. For this reason, the 35 GT generator, one of the best sellers in the range, was chosen.

The 35 GT marine generator set offers a power output of 35 kVA and is perfect for commercial vessels in need of compact and efficient equipment. It is also available with cabin and allows customisation with a wide variety of optional kits, as well as the possibility of configuring it to work in parallel with more units.

In addition to the standard version, you can also opt for the Type Approval certified version from DNV, one of the world's most recognised classification organisations.

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