Installation of 7 GSC genset on Princess yacht

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Boat type Yacht
Model Princess yacht
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Pilot
Equipment installed 7 GSC
Other equipment installed
Service Seamotors

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We are back with a new project from the Seamotors team in Port Balís. This time, Víctor Miravet, head of the engineering team, went to the coast of Mataró to provide support for the installation and commissioning of the Solé 7 GSC model diesel generator set on this beautiful yacht from Princess, a famous British manufacturer of luxury yachts.

For this project, a marine generator capable of producing constant electrical power was required to supply the auxiliary equipment and the on-board air-conditioning system.

Following a preliminary study by our team, we offered the 7 GSC marine generator, which produces 6.6 kVA. This model is ideal for recreational boats that require a small and compact size, but with the necessary power to operate the boat's auxiliary equipment.

The fuel and water exhaust systems were also added to the system, as well as the anti-siphon pack, which is essential to protect the unit from potential water ingress when the installation is below the waterline.

We would like to thank all the professionals who have worked on this project for their confidence in Solé and the great results.

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