Installation of 17 GT generator on the fishing vessel Fahimagu

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Boat type Workboat
Model Fahimagu
Length 33
Displacement 0
Application Fishing vessel
Equipment installed 17 GT
Other equipment installed
Service DBlue

Solé Diesel generators are perfect for fishing boats of all types. Consult an authorised distributor without obligation and sail with total peace of mind.

If there is one thing that characterises the Maldives, in addition to its tourist attraction, it is its fishing activity. Solé's distributor in the country, DBlue Marine, is well aware of this and has not hesitated to offer our generator sets once again in order to work on this project.

It involves the Fahimagu fishing boat, on which traditional rod and line fishing, one of the oldest known methods and very typical of the Maldives, takes place. The vessel Fahimagu specialises in this method and is one of the reference bases for catching tuna in the area.

The crew of this 25m fishing boat needed a generator set that would allow them to supply all the auxiliary equipment on board continuously but without taking up too much space. For this reason, the compact, versatile and powerful 17 GT model was chosen, which offers 16.4 kVA and relaxed operation capacity during continuous duty.

The distributor DBlue Marine carried out the consulting and complete installation of the generator set, together with the exhaust and diesel systems, sharing yet another successful project with us.

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