Three paralleling 115 GT installed in a salmon farm ship

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Boat type Vessel
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Fish farm boat
Equipment installed 115 GT
Other equipment installed
Service JB Systems AS Bolga Maritime

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A spectacular installation of three marine generators, synchronised to work in parallel to provide a constant power supply with high performance and reliability.

In the case of this project, the engineering company JB Systems, together with Solé's official distributor in Norway, Bolga Maritime, carried out the installation of these three 115 GT gensets on a salmon farming vessel.

The power requirements were high and demanding, so a generator model had to be chosen that was capable of supplying constant power, could be connected to work in parallel and was relatively easy to maintain.

Capable of working over 3,000 hours per year, the 115 GT is a heavyweight in Solé's heavy-duty range and is available with a variety of customisation kits and Type Approval certification from DNV, a member of IACS.

In this version, which is synchronised to work in parallel, the three groups are coupled with the same frequency and voltage so that they offer joint operation, making it possible to supply power to the same network in large quantities.

This system keeps one main group on at all times and connected to the grid, while the rest are on standby to work when the main group reaches its preset limit. When this occurs, the system commands the next genset to start and connect to the grid. The load is then divided equally among the connected groups, and so on until all are in operation. When energy requirements decrease, the opposite effect occurs and the system orders the groups to shut down gradually.

One of the advantages of the paralleling units is their efficiency in performance, since the system adapts its work to the specific energy needs and can connect and disconnect the units depending on the load level.

If you have an ongoing project that requires a parallel power generation system, please contact us without obligation.

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