Hydraulic gearbox Technodrive TM-485A1 for marine engine

Saildrive and gearboxes

The TM485A marine transmission is equipped with hydraulically activated multiple disk clutches. The clutches and gears have been designed to transmit full power, with the same transmission ratio in forward and reverse. The 8º angle of depression of the output shaft makes it possible to correctly install the marine engine-transmission set on planning or semi-displacement hulls.
Engine Manufacturer Type Output º Red.
SM-103 Technodrive Hydraulic 8 2.40:1
SM-82 Technodrive Hydraulic 8 1.51:1
SM-94 Technodrive Hydraulic 8 1.51:1
Oil SAE 15W40
Oil cap. 2,7 L
Max. Oper. º 15 º
Output º 8 º
Weight 36 Kg
Clutch actuation Hydraulic
Max. Temp 95 ºC

Reduction ratios

Forward Reverse
1.51:1 1.51:1
2.09:1 2.09:1
2.40:1 2.40:1

All reductions are available on 45 mm and 75 mm shaft (L).

Compatible accessory

SAE 4 housing TM-485A1

SAE 3 housing gearbox

Flexible coupling type C SAE 11"1/2

Trolling valve kit TM-485A1

Gearbox cable bracket pack

Heat exchanger pack TM-485A1

Flexible coupling DS25 10"

Flexible coupling CF-DS-22 Yanmar

Compatible engines