Diesel Hybrid Marine Engines

Thanks to the new SH range of hybrid marine engine solutions, Solé offers the possibility to combine the propulsion of the main Solé Diesel engine with electric propulsion when desired.

Hybrid Module SH450

The SH450 hybrid boat engine, with 8 kW of electric power, has been designed to easily adapt to any type of heat engine and transmission.

The mounted electric engine has a double function: it can work as an electric engine in electric propulsion mode and as a generator in thermal propulsion or standard mode. As a result, zero-emissions navigation is possible when needed.

This hybrid boat engine module combines three use modes differentiated between them:

  • Electric propulsion, to navigate with zero emissions and without the noise of the main engine.
  • Main engine propulsion uses the electric engine to charge the batteries.
  • Booster function which adds an extra torque to the transmission line when an increase of acceleration is required.


The connection between the module and the engine is controlled by a pneumatic system that acts on an integrated clutch.

When the engine is uncoupled, it disconnects from the transmission line and enables the vessel through the electric engine in the module. When the vessel is operated through the heat engine (the clutch is coupled to the hybrid module) the electric engine of the module becomes the generator and charges the batteries.

This module's third use allows operating the main engine along with the electric engine, obtaining an increase of the available total power (booster function).

Full equipment

  • SH450 module
  • EM180-08 (PM) electric engine
  • Cooling fan for electric machine
  • Air power pack to operate the clutch
  • Air power pack to “come home” function
  • MPCB-R5 controller which is the communication element among all components
  • Power control lever and mode selection
  • Display
  • Frequency drive
  • Electric box for the components and emergency devices
  • CANbus cables (5 m)
  • LiFePO4 battery
  • CB NG3 battery charger


Technical data

SH450 input SAE 5 - 7,5”/8” (BW 6 - 5” available)
SH450 output SAE 5 - 7,5”/8” (BW 6 - 5” available)
Maximum input torque 450 Nm
Maximum input power 100 kW (marine use)
Maximum input speed 3800 rpm
Maximum allowable electrical power 35 kW (3000 rpm)
Nominal electrical power EM180-08 (PM) 8 kW (3000 rpm)
Generator electrical power EM180-08 (PM) 7 kW (3000 rpm)
Weight 95 kg