Type Approval certified Generator Sets

What are IACS-certified generators?

Solé Diesel with Type Approval Certificate (TAC) generator sets provide the guarantee they have successfully passed the quality controls established by IACS (International Association of Classification Societies)

This organization establishes minimum technical standards and requirements that address from maritime safety to environmental protection while ensuring the correct application of these standards.

This certification confirms that our generators meet the international standards and IACS recognized regulations, which ensures a high level of quality and safety.

IACS approval includes certifications from globally recognized organizations such as DNV.

What do we offer?

Unlike other manufacturers, Solé Diesel is certified not only for the generation set but also for the auxiliary version engine.

Solé Diesel has a wide range of models both in standard and ready to work in parallel.

All of them offer a comfortable user experience, easy installation and maintenance.


Standard equipment and characteristics of approved gensets:

  • TAC-certified alternator for generator sets.
  • TAC engine monitoring and control system
  • Maximum power can run with overload. (110 % over rated power)
  • Insulation of hot surfaces according to TAC regulations.
  • Belt protection.
  • Spray stop on pipe connections containing flammable liquids.
  • Double-walled diesel tubes
  • Double diesel filter
  • Rubber hoses with inner textile reinforcement and equipped with double clamp.
  • Mechanical connections and screw joints.
  • Earth isolated


Available models


What value does certification bring to these products?

It is the excellence seal of guarantee that a buyer who does not know the product or brand can count on when buying a generator which will meet all expectations and needs.