Gland packing - Marine propellers and shafts accessories

Propulsion Accessories

Braided packing to achieve sterntube water-tightness. Manufactured with acrylic fibre threads and lubricated with 40% Teflon. Supplied by meters.

Part Number Description DimensionsØ ShaftMax. PressureTemperatureSpeedPH
M95200060 Teflon Packing 6-6 6X6 MM30-40-45-50 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12
M95200080 Teflon Packing 8-8 8X8 MM60 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12
M95200100 Teflon Packing 10-10 10X10 MM19-25-35 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12