Gearbox Technodrive Saildrive SP60 for marine engine

Saildrive and gearboxes

The SEAPROP 60 transmission is intended for use on recreational craft (displacement hull craft used for recreation or amateur sail boats) or work craft (sail boats with a heavily-used displacement hull, intended for hire and professional activities). The body of the sail drive can be turned 180º. Refer to engines on which it can be mounted. The transmission is equipped with: 1)Case 2)Anti Vibration Mounts support 3)Retaining flange and water-tight membranes for applications over the hull.4)Water intake for cooling the engine.
Engine Manufacturer Type Output º Red.
Oil cap. 2,8 L
Max. Oper. º 15 º
Weight 43 Kg
Type Mechanical
Max. Temp 95 ºC

Reduction ratios

Forward Reverse
2.15:1 2.15:1
2.38:1 2.38:1

All reductions are available on 45 mm and 75 mm shaft (L).