Mythic Furia 28 boat repowering with Solé MINI-29 engine

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Boat type Sailing boat
Model Furia 28
Length 9
Displacement 3
Application Recreational
Replaced nMINI-3
Equipment installed MINI-29
Other equipment installed

3 Blades, 14" x 9” 25 mm Ø shaft. Right direction of rotation

Service Dresport

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This boat is a mythical sailboat model Furia 28 previously equipped with a MINI-3 diesel engine and currently replaced by another Solé MINI-29 inboard diesel engine.

The choice of the MINI-29 for the re-engining of this pleasure boat has been the right one, as this engine model is aimed at sailboats and small fishing boats. It also has a variety of kits and customisations that make it easier to re-motorise by adapting the engine to the same size as the old one.

It is the first boat to install the MINI-3 to MINI-29 retrofit kit. The engine bed of the boat did not have to be modified.

Cruising speed: 6 knots.