Preheating the engine before starting it


Now that summer is over and the cold is back, it is highly advisable to preheat the engines before starting them.

The main reason is the cold, which limits the lubrication capacity, so if the engine is revved too fast without waiting for it to reach the optimum temperature to guarantee good lubrication, we run the risk of causing greater engine wear. , which can shorten its useful life.

To preheat your marine engine, please note that the key position should be in the following image:

In addition, for boats operating in extremely cold environments (water temperature between -15ºC and -1.5ºC), we recommend the installation of an engine heater and an additional air heater (inlet air heater, crankcase heater).

Enjoy your Solé Diesel engine for many years. Don't forget to preheat. And to sail!