Part Number Description
24300006 O-Ring
24300011 Zinc Anode Assy
24300012 Block, Rubber
24350006 Gasket, Pump Hold
24350012 Oil Gauge Assy
24350013 Air Breather
24350014 Case Assy
24350016 Carrier, Bearing
24350019 Screen Filter Assy
24350023 Pipe Suction Assy
24350024 Plate, Attachment
24350028 Pump Holder Assy
24350029 Pump Assy
24350030 Pump Plate Assy
24350032 Body, Pump
24350033 Gear, Pump Driving
24350034 Gear, Pump Driven
24350035 Pump Cover Assy
24350039 Block, Pump Driving
24350041 Valve Holder Assy
24350044 Driving Ring Assy 14"
24350046 Driving Ring
24350047 Center Ring Assy
24350048 Plate
24350049 Cover, Rubber
24350050 Mechanical trolling valve
24350051 Ring, Center
24350053 Spider, Drive Assy
24350054 Spider, Drive
24350057 Housing, Flywheel Assy SAE 1
24350060 Pack Trolling Valve DMT-150H/180H/190H
24350101 Input Coupling Assy
24350110 Input Shaft Assy
24350116 Spring, Return
24350117 Piston, Clutch
24350120 Input Shaft Sub Assy
24350206 Carrier, Seal Assy
24350207 Carrier, Seal
24350210 Coupling, Output
24350211 Washer, Retainer
24350212 Plate, Lock
24350214 Coupling, Propeller
24350218 Oil Pan Assy
24350302 Astern Shaft Assy
24350303 Astern Shaft Sub Assy
24350501 Selector Valve Group
24350503 Spring, Outer
24353101 Input Shaft Group (2.09:1)
24353102 Pinion, Assy (2.09:1)
24353201 Output Shaft Group (2.09:1)
24353202 Output Shaft Assy (2.09:1)
24353301 Astern Shaft Group (2.09:1)
24354101 Input Shaft Group (2.51:1)
24354102 Pinion, Assy (2.51:1)
24354201 Output Shaft Group (2.51:1)
24354202 Output Shaft Assy (2.51:1)
24354301 Astern Shaft Group (2.51:1)
24355101 Input Shaft Group (3.08:1)
24355102 Pinion, Assy (3.08:1)
24355201 Output Shaft Group (3.08:1)
24355202 Output Shaft Assy (3.08:1)
24355301 Astern Shaft Group (3.08:1)
2435A101 Input Shaft Group (3.43:1)
2435A102 Pinion, Assy (3.43:1)
2435A201 Output Shaft Group (3.43:1)
2435A202 Output Shaft Assy (3.43:1)
2435A301 Astern Shaft Group (3.43:1)
2435E101 Input Shaft Group (1.83:1)
2435E102 Pinion, Assy (1.83:1)
2435E201 Output Shaft Group (1.83:1)
2435E202 Output Shaft Assy (1.83:1)
2435E301 Astern Shaft Group (1.83:1)
243A0050 Mechanical trolling valve
243AA002 Rubber Block
243AA004 Pump Gasket
243AA006 Gasket, Valve Holder
243B0001 Screen Filter Assy
243B0003 Oil Filter Assy
243B0008 Oil Gauge Assy
243B0009 Oil Gauge Assy
243B0010 Air Breather
243B0023 Cover, Screen Filter
243B0029 Flange, Drain
243B0036 Pipe Suction Assy
243B0037 Pipe Suction Assy
243B0046 Plate, Name
243B0056 Pin, Dowel
243B0057 Pin, Dowel
243B0058 Pin, Dowel
243B0059 Ring, Driving SAE 0-14"/SAE 1-14"
243B0061 Spider, Drive Assy
243B0062 Spider, Drive
243B0063 Housing, Flywheel Assy SAE 1
243B0064 Housing, Flywheel Assy SAE 1
243B0101 Input Coupling Assy
243B0105 Ring, Snap External
243B0111 Input Shaft Assy
243B0112 Ring, Snap Internal
243B0113 Plate, Back
243B0114 Plate, Sintered
243B0115 Plate, Steel
243B0116 Ring, Snap External
243B0118 Spring, Return
243B0119 Piston, Clutch
243B0122 Input Shaft Sub Assy
243B0202 Collar, Bearing
243B0207 Astern Shaft Assy
243B0218 Astern Shaft Sub Assy
243B0231 Seal Carrier Assy
243B0235 Coupling, Output
243B0236 Coupling, Output
243B0237 Washer, Retainer
243B0238 Plate, Lock
243B0240 Coupling, Propeller
243B0241 Coupling, Propeller
243B0244 Plate, Lock
243B0245 Plate, Lock
243B0248 Oil Pan Assy
243B0249 Oil Pan Assy
243B0501 Pump Holder Group
243B0502 Pump Holder Assy
243B0503 Pump Assy
243B0504 Pump Plate Assy
243B0505 Nipple
243B0506 Body, Pump
243B0507 Gear, Pump Driving
243B0509 Pump Cover Assy
243B0511 Electric selector valve 24 V
243B0514 Block, Pump Driving
243B0517 Valve Holder Assy
243B0520 Spring, Oil Pressure
243B0521 Valve, Oil Pressure
243B0529 Pressure Gauge Assy
243B0531 Adaptor
243B0535 Selector Valve Group
243B0536 Lever Group
243B0537 Pin, Cable
243B0538 Pin, Snap
243B0541 Pin, Spring
243B0545 Stem, Valve
243B0548 Ball, Steel
243B0549 Spring, Detent
243B0551 Valve, Regulator Pressure
243B0552 Spring, Outer
243B0553 Spring, Trolling
243B0554 Spring, Check Valve
243B0555 Ball, Steel
243B0557 Piston
243B0559 Plate, Orifice
243B0566 Plate, Name
243B0567 Cable Bracket Assy
243B0568 Bracket, Cable
243B0593 Piston
243B0595 Plate, Orifice
243B0598 Trolling Valve Assy
243B0600 Spring, Detent
243B0601 Oil Cooler Assy
243B0602 Cooler Cover Assy
243B0617 Block, Fixing Cooler
243B0618 Bolt Assy, Fixing Cooler
243B0700 Electron Valve Group 12V
243B0701 Electron Valve Ass'y
243B0703 Ball, Steel
243B0705 Plate Orifice
243B0706 Plate
243B0713 Valve, Regulator Pressure
243B0714 Valve, Directional Control
243B0722 Plate, Sub
243B0725 Solenoid Valve Ass'y 24V
243B0726 Solenoid Valve Ass'y 12V
243B0727 Solenoid Valve 24V
243B0728 Solenoid Valve 12V
243B3101 Input Shaft Group (2.06:1)
243B3102 Pinion, Assy (2.06:1)
243B3201 Astern Shaft Group (2.06:1)
243B3203 Output Shaft Group (2.06:1)
243B3204 Output Shaft Assy (2.06:1)
243B4101 Input Shaft Group (3.53:1)(2.50:1)
243B4102 Pinion, Assy (3.53:1)(2.50:1)
243B4201 Astern Shaft Group (3.53:1)(2.50:1)
243B4203 Output Shaft Group (2.50:1)
243B4204 Output Shaft Assy (2.50:1)
243B5101 Input Shaft Group (4.08:1)(2.92:1)
243B5102 Input Shaft Group (4.52:1)(3.26:1)
243B5103 Pinion, Assy (3.53:1)(2.50:1)
243B5104 Pinion, Assy (3.53:1)(2.50:1)
243B5201 Astern Shaft Group (3.53:1)(2.50:1)
243B5202 Astern Shaft Group (3.53:1)(2.50:1)
243B5205 Output Shaft Group (2.92:1)
243B5206 Output Shaft Group (3.26:1)
243B5207 Output Shaft Assy (2.92:1)
243B5208 Output Shaft Assy (3.26:1)
243B6010 SAE 0-18" Dragging Coupling
243B6010.2 BOLT
243B6011 Ring, Driving
243B6012 Housing SAE 1, Flywheel
243B6203 Output Shaft Group (4.08:1)
243B6204 Output Shaft Assy (4.08:1)
243B7003 Gasket
243B7203 Output Shaft Group (4.52:1)
243B7204 Output Shaft Assy (4.52:1)
243B8101 Input Shaft Group (5.04:1)
243B8102 Pinion, Assy (5.04:1)
243B8201 Astern Shaft Group (5.04:1)
243B8203 Output Shaft Group (5.04:1)
243B8204 Output Shaft Assy (5.04:1)
243BA203 Output Shaft Group (3.53:1)
243BA204 Output Shaft Assy (3.53:1)
243D5001 Rubber Stops
243D5065 Ring, Driving
243D5067 Spider, Drive Assy
243D5068 Spider, Drive
243D5101 Input Shaft Group
243D5102 Retainer
243D5104 Pinion, Assy
243D5107 Input Shaft Assy
243D5108 Ring, Snap Internal
243D5109 Plate, Back
243D5110 Plate, Sintered
243D5111 Plate, Steel
243D5112 Ring, Snap External
243D5115 Piston, Clutch
243D5118 Input Shaft Sub Assy
243D5119 Shim
243D5120 Shim
243D5121 Shim
243D5201 Astern Shaft Group
243D5203 Astern Shaft Assy
243D5204 Astern Shaft Sub Assy
243D5401 Manifold Group
243D5402 Manifold Assy
243D5406 Valve, Oil Pressure
243D5410 Nipple
243D5411 Oil Filter Assy
243D5414 Pump Assy
243D5415 Pump Plate Assy
243D5417 Body, Gear Pump
243D5418 Gear, Pump Driving
243D5419 Gear, Pump Driven
243D5420 Pump Cover Assy
243D5425 Block, Pump Driving
243D5429 Pressure Gauge Assy
243D5437 Lever Assy
243D5443 Stem, Valve
243D5449 Valve, Regulator Pressure
243D5454 Piston
243D5457 Plate
243D5459 Trolling Valve Assy
243D5471 Lever, Trolling
243D5475 Plate, Position Name
243M0001 Rubber Block
243M0002 Block, Center Rubber
43300001 Input Coupling Assy
43300004 Retainer
43300042 Seal Carrier Assy
43301006 Retainer
43301012 Input Shaft Assy
43301013 Ring, Snap Internal
43301014 Plate, Back
43301015 Plate, Sintered
43301016 Plate, Steel
43301017 Ring, Snap External
43301020 Piston, Clutch
43301023 Input Shaft Assy
43302030 Astern Shaft Assy
43302031 Astern Shaft Sub Assy
43302033 Output Shaft Group
43302035 Output Shaft Assy
43331005 Input Shaft Group D (2.12)
43332029 Astern Shaft Group D (2.12)
43332032 Output Shaft Group D(2.12)
43332034 Output Shaft Assy D(2.12)
D025005 Plate, Attachment
D025005S Plate, Attachment Set
D025514 Sleeve
D050001 Case Pin, Dowel Excluded
D050005 Plate, Attachment
D050005S Plate, Attachment Set
D050100 Input Shaft ASS'Y
D050100A Input Shaft Group G.R 1.61
D050100B Input Shaft Group G.R 2.06
D050100C Input Shaft Group G.R 2.45
D050100D Input Shaft Group G.R 2.82
D050100E Input Shaft Group G.R 3.12
D050100F Input Shaft Group G.R 3.46
D050101 Input Shaft Sub ASS'Y
D050108A Pinion, ASS'Y G.R 1.61
D050108B Pinion, ASS'Y G.R 2.06
D050108C Pinion, ASS'Y G.R 2.45
D050108D Pinion, ASS'Y G.R 2.82
D050108E Pinion, ASS'Y G.R 3.12
D050108F Pinion, ASS'Y G.R 3.46
D050120 Ring, Oil Seal
D050200 Astern Shaft ASS'Y
D050200A Astern Shaft Group G.R 1.61
D050200B Astern Shaft Group G.R 2.06
D050200C Astern Shaft Group G.R 2.45
D050200D Astern Shaft Group G.R 2.82
D050200E Astern Shaft Group G.R 3.12
D050200F Astern Shaft Group G.R 3.46
D050201 Astern Shaft Sub ASS'Y
D050300A Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 1.61
D050300AG Output Shaft Group G.R 1.61
D050300B Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 2.06
D050300BG Output Shaft Group G.R 2.06
D050300C Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 2.45
D050300CG Output Shaft Group G.R 2.45
D050300D Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 2.82
D050300DG Output Shaft Group G.R 2.82
D050300E Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 3.12
D050300EG Output Shaft Group G.R 3.12
D050300F Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 3.46
D050300FG Output Shaft Group G.R 3.46
D050303A Carrier, Seal ASS'Y
D050314 Oil Pan ASS'Y
D050705 Pipe ASS'Y
D050802 Bolt, Reamer
D050803 Block, Rubber 11.5“
D050804 Spider, Drive 11.5"
D050804G Spider, Drive ASS'Y 11.5"
D050805T Bolt, Reamer 11.5"
D050818 Ring, Driving 11.5"
D050861T Ring, Center 11.5"
D050862T Plate 11.5"
D050863T Cover, Rubber
D050864T Stopper, Center Ring
D070710 Hose ASS'Y
D070711 Hose ASS'Y
D090011 Gasket, Case
D090012 Cover, Case
D090016 Gasket, Bearing Carrier
D090119000 Plate, Sintered
D100109 Plate, Sintered
D100110 Plate, Steel
D100953 Plate, Attachment
D100953S Plate, Attachment Set
D110005 Plate, Attachment
D110005S Plate, Attachment Set
D110702AS Cooler Cover ASS'Y Pf 1 1/2"
D110702H Cover, Cooler Pf 1 1/2"
D140006 Plate, Attachment
D140006S Plate, Attachment Set
D140500T Mechanical trolling valve
D140550 Solenoid ASS'Y 24V
D140551 Solenoid Valve 24V
D140559 Solenoid Connector ASS'Y 24V
D140560 Solenoid ASS'Y 12V
D140561 Solenoid Valve 12V
D140569 Solenoid Connector ASS'Y 12V
D140580G Electric valve 24 V and trolling
D140590G Electric valve 12 V and trolling
D150508 Piston
D150510A Pressure Regulating Valve ASS'Y
D150547 Plate, Oriffice
D150753 Zinc Anode ASS'Y
D150953 Plate, Attachment
D150953S Plate, Attachment Set
D170953 Plate, Attachment
D170953S Plate, Attachment Set
D180953 Plate, Attachment
D180953S Plate, Attachment Set
D200560G Electric selector valve 24 V
D200570G Electric selector valve 12 V
D200580G Electric valve 24 V and trolling
D200590G Electric valve 12 V and trolling
D240502 Plug, Valve
D240503 Valve, Directional Control
D240504 Core, Electron Valve
D240506 Gasket, Core
D250953 Plate, Attachment
D250953S Plate, Attachment Set
D25510 Cover, Piston
D260701 Cover, Cooler Pf 2"
D280510 Cover, Piston
D280547 Plate, Oriffice
D280552 Plate
D280570G Electric selector valve 12 V
D280580G Electric valve 24 V and trolling
D280590G Electric valve 12 V and trolling
D3115DC SAE 3 bell housing and 11" 1/2 dual stage coupling
D32212J Bearing, Taper Roller
D400500T Mechanical trolling valve
D400524 Ball Joint ASS'Y
D400525 Shim
D400540 Trolling Valve ASS'Y
D400652 Plate, Sub
D400653 Gasket, Sub Plate
D400950 Plate, Attachment
D400950S Plate, Attachment Set
D430951 Plate, Attachment
D430951S Plate, Attachment Set
D450560G Electric selector valve 24 V
D450570G Electric selector valve 12 V
D450580G Electric selector valve 24 V and trolling
D450590G Electric selector valve 12 V and trolling
D450950 Plate, Attachment
D450950S Plate, Attachment Set
D500950 Plate, Attachment
D500950S Plate, Attachment Set
D50317 Coupling, Propeller
D561950 Plate, Attachment
D561950S Plate, Attachment Set
D650951 Plate, Attachment
D650951S Plate, Attachment Set
D670950 Plate, Attachment
D670950S Plate, Attachment Set
D70110000 Plate, Steel
D70314 Washer, Retainer
D750500T Mechanical trolling valve
D750560G Electric selector valve 24 V
D750570G Electric selector valve 12 V
D750580G Electric valve 24 V and trolling
D750590G Electric valve 12 V and trolling
D750953 Plate, Attachment
D750953S Plate, Attachment Set
DA12150030 Screw
DAS050008 Input Coupling ASS'Y
DAS050100A Input Shaft Group G.R 1.61
DAS050100B Input Shaft Group G.R 2.06
DAS050100C Input Shaft Group G.R 2.45
DAS050100D Input Shaft Group G.R 2.82
DAS050100E Input Shaft Group G.R 3.12
DAS050100F Input Shaft Group G.R 3.46
DAS050200A Astern Shaft Group G.R 1.61
DAS050200B Astern Shaft Group G.R 2.06
DAS050200C Astern Shaft Group G.R 2.45
DAS050200D Astern Shaft Group G.R 2.82
DAS050200E Astern Shaft Group G.R 3.12
DAS050200F Astern Shaft Group G.R 3.46
DAS050306 Output Coupling ASS'Y
DAS050402 Manifold ASS'Y
DAS050406 Pump Ass’Y
DAS050741 Oil Cooler ASS'Y
DAS090017 Bearing Carrier ASS'Y
DAS140580 Electric Valve Ass’Y
DAS200560 Electric Valve ASS'Y
DB08125032 Screw
DB08125105 Screw
DB08125110 Screw
DB08125135 Screw
DB10125070 Screw
DC05080018 Screw, Socket
DC08125070 Screw, Socket
DC08125120 Screw, Socket
DD06008212 Seal, Oil
DD06509010 Seal, Oil
DST025500 Selector Valve Group
DST050001 Case ASS'Y
DST050008 Input Coupling ASS'Y
DST050301A Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 1.61
DST050301B Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 2.06
DST050301C Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 2.45
DST050301D Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 2.82
DST050301E Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 3.12
DST050301F Output Shaft ASS'Y G.R 3.46
DST050402 Manifold Group
DST050741 Oil Cooler ASS'Y Pf 2"
DST050741002 Oil Cooler ASS'Y Pf 1 1/2"
DST140500T Trolling Valve Group
DST140580 Electric Valve
DST140590 Electric Valve
DST200560 Electric Valve
DST200570 Electric Valve
DV100091 Plate, Attachment
DV100091S Plate, Attachment Set
DW600950 Plate, Attachment
DW600950S Plate, Attachment Set
DX05080014S Screw