New Solé Diesel marine generator sets: 45 GT and 165 GTC

Solé Diesel puts on the market two new marine generators models: 45 GT and 165 GTC, available also with acoustic isolation canopy (45 GTC and 165 GTC) and at 1.800 rpm and 60 Hz: 54 GTA/GTAC and 180 GTA/GTAC.


The marine generator 45 GT/GTC is a three-phase model that achieves a maximum power of 36 kW (45 kVA) at 50 Hz frequency and 1500 RPM. It is manufactured with the Solé Diesel SM-56 engine, Mitsubishi base engine manufacturer, and with a Meccalte alternator: ECP32-1M/4B. 
It is also available the 60 Hz frequency version: 54 GTA /GTAC, that reach 42,8 kW (53,5 kVA) power at 1800 RPM.

165 GT/GTC
The 165 GT/GTC is the Solé Diesel’s more powerful marine generator, which gets the higher power of all range: 165 kVA (132 kW), at 1500 rpm and 50 Hz; manufactured with engine base Deutz, specifically with the SDZ-280 Solé Diesel engine. With this new model, Solé Diesel increase the power range that can be supplied with its marine generators range.

This model is also available with acoustic isolation canopy (165 GTC) and at 60 Hz: 180 GTA / GTAC, which gives a maximum power of 144 kW (180 kVA).

With these two new models, we expand the marine generators range and the available power is increased. The Solé Diesel marine generators offer compactness, extremely low noise and vibration levels combined with high quality materials.

More information and the technical datasheet of each new models is available on our website:

45 GT/GTC:


165 GT/GTC: