Own manufacturing of Solé Diesel propellers

Solé Diesel is a propeller manufacturer and wants to show you the manufacturing process. You can discover all the details in the following video:

To manufacture a propeller with all guarantees, Solé Diesel provides an engineering service for the propeller calculation, ensuring that each propeller is the most suitable for each boat. With precise specifications and after the propeller is casted, the machining process starts with the turning and the notching, in which the keyway is machined.

The next phases lie in the propeller polishing and calibrating. We rough and prebalance the blades and the hub, and we assure a dynamic and static balancing, both in magnitude and direction.

For the final finishing of the propeller, we use a vibrating machine where the finishing is achieved by the continuous contact of the ceramic media and the propeller. Lastly, we do the quality control to check the diameter and the pitch of each of the blades, assuring that all our propellers meet the required quality standards.

Solé Diesel provides two propeller models, which differ by their application: for saildrive and propeller shafts.

•    Saildrive propellers: two blades, two blades folding and three blades.
•    Propeller shaft: two blades, two blades folding, three blades, four blades, four SRX blades; all our models have a 1/10 conicity

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you need any help to know which propeller is the most suitable for your boat. You can write an email to propellers@solediesel.com.