Bleed water line kit - Accessories for marine propellers and shafts

Propulsion Accessories

Connection kit for sea water cooled rubber stuffing boxes, comes with the necessary parts for these shafts assembly lubrication using refrigeration raw water from the engine's cooling system. This kit includes the "T" brass derivation and connecting racords, in addition to 3 meters of 10 mm diameter transparent hose and clamp for complete assembly installation.

Part Number Description Ø int.
61700001 Derivation "T" D.15 For Sterntube 15 MM
61700002 Derivation "T" D.19 For Sterntube 19 MM
61700003 Derivation "T" D.20 For Sterntube 20 MM
61700004 Derivation "T" D.22 For Sterntube 22 MM
61700005 Derivation "T" D.25 For Sterntube 25 MM
61700006 Derivation "T" D.28 For Sterntube 28 MM
61700007 Derivation "T" D.30 For Sterntube 30 MM
61700008 Derivation "T" D.32 For Sterntube 32 MM
61700009 Derivation "T" D.35 For Sterntube 35 MM
61700010 Derivation "T" D.38 For Sterntube 38 MM
61700011 Derivation "T" D.40 For Sterntube 40 MM
61700012 Derivation "T" D.42 For Sterntube 42 MM
61700013 Derivation "T" D.45 For Sterntube 45 MM
61700014 Derivation "T" D.51 For Sterntube 51 MM