Commercial ship equipped with two 35 GT syncronized for parallel

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Boat type Vessel
Length 0
Displacement 0
Equipment installed 35 GT
Other equipment installed
Service JB Systems AS Bolga Maritime

Discover Solé Diesel generators for commercial vessels. We offer a wide range of power ratings and applications, also with parallel synchronisation. Contact a Solé distributor without obligation.

We hereby introduce another impressive project by J&B Systems and Bolga Maritime in Norway. This commercial vessel required a constant power supply, with efficient and reliable equipment.

The genset model chosen was the 35 GT, one of the best-selling models in the Solé range, due to its versatility and adaptability in different spaces, especially compact ones.

This genset is perfect for those workboats that need to supply all their onboard consumers safely and reliably, with easy maintenance, responsible fuel consumption and safe navigation.

Solé Diesel distributor JB System and Solé Diesel distributor AS Bolga Maritime


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