Assembly kit

Kits engines & gensets

Part Number Description
17517009.0 Alarm body kit
60539063.18 ALTER SINCRO 1800 RPM (C) assy kit
18010210 Assy,Gear box IRM-41 A SM-90
60571103 Aux. spare parts Genset MI62 soundproofed
60572059.18 Canopy kit SINCRO Mono. (C) 1800
13417000 Complet Kit Luxe Panel
13817010 Complet Kit Luxe Panel
13817214 DE Luxe Panel
60594100I Deutz 24 V Marine genset kit/ 105 kVA rubber bashings
60975505 Dob. Pan. Kit G51T15 Earth isolated 12V Analog.
60975506 Double Panel TE3 TE4 12V Genset
19310230 Dry exhaust kit to SFN-130
19113118 Dry Exhaust Kit With Silencer
19213118 Dry exhaust silent kit
13814074 Electric fuel feed pump kit Ronim/SMI
19017325 Emergency stop SFN 12 V kit
19017305 Extract bipolar pieces SFN-100
13417205 Extract earth isolated pieces M-34 kit
13514000 Filter Assy Set,fuel MINI-14
13614000 Filter Assy Set,fuel MINI-23
13414000 Filter Assy Set,fuel MINI-34
17610004R Flywheel supplement kit (spare part)
60574102E G35T15 Dry exhaust sound shield kit
18210215.2 Gear Kit Jet 05 (37/44)
13410103 Gearbox BORG WARNER assembly kit (& Refrig.)
13410102 Gearbox BORG WARNER assembly kit (Without Refrig.)
13410211 Gearbox kit TM-345A for MINI-34
60574104 Genassembly kit 25 GT Front Alt.
60594102 Genassembly kit DEUTZ 24V.25 KVA Front Alt.
17130100.2 Genassembly kit M-62 to marine
60539101 Genassembly kit MINI-26 for ECP28 2L/2
60572100 Genassembly kit MINI-33 for EC3-La/4
60572101 Genassembly kit MINI-33 for EC3-LB/4
60572105 Genassembly kit MINI-33 for SINCRO
60573101.1 Genassembly kit MINI-44 24V.ECO28-2L/4
60573106 Genassembly kit MINI-44 for Aux. 3000 rpm
60573107 Genassembly kit MINI-44 for ECP28-VL/2
60571102 Genassembly kit MINI-62 for ECO28 1800 RPM
60571102.1 Genassembly kit MINI-62 for ECO28 1800 RPM
60574105 Genassembly kit MINI-74 for ECO32
60574103 Genassembly kit MINI-74 for ECO32 1800 r.p.m.
60575100 Genassembly kit SM-105 for ECO32
60575101 Genassembly kit SM-105 for ECO32 1800 r.p.m.
60571100.1 GENERADOR Kit
60571100 Generator Kit
60593100 Generator Kit
60571110 Generator Kit MINI-62
60590101 Generator, SFN-100 Kit 24V.
60594100 Generator,DEUTZ Kit 24V.
60594101 Generator,DEUTZ Kit 24V.
60534100 Generator,MINI-34 kit
60590100 Generator,SFN-100 Kit 12V.
60591100 Generator,SFN-210 Kit
60575102 Insul. Kit With Double Panel
19610216 Intercooler hose kit
18710221 Inv. B. W. separator housing kit
60511352 IP23 protection kit for DNV
19311200 Keel cooler kit SFN-130
19111200 Keel cooler kit SFN-210
22310440 Kit
60574505 Kit 24V & Earth Isolated COMAP
17117204 Kit 24V With DeLuxe Panel
6057A063 Kit Alt. MECC ALTE TRI. (C)
17117053R Kit Alternator 14V.110A.
19117220 Kit Double Alt. 24V 55A earth isolated
60972000RDG Kit Electrical Panel MINI-33/44 GEN Set
60970000RD Kit Electrical Panel MINI-48
60990000D Kit Electrical Panel SFN 12V.
60990000DG Kit Electrical Panel SFN 12V.
60990100DG Kit Electrical Panel SFN 24V.
60980000RD Kit Electrical Panel SM-75/SM-90
60985000RD Kit Electrical Panel SV-140/230
60971000RDG Kit Electrical Panel TE4 MINI-62 12V
60574102.1 Kit G35M15. CANOPY V.
18010017 Kit GearBox SMI-R2 SM-90
60574101 Kit Generator MINI-74
60538102 Kit Genset MINI-17 ES20FS
60539112 Kit Genset MINI-26 for ECP3-1L/2
60575103 Kit GETSet INSULATED STandARD (1Panel)
16611150 Kit Heater HS-121
16511150 Kit Heater HS-150
13411150 Kit Heater MINI-23 and 34
19011150 Kit Heater SFN-100/130
19011151 Kit Heater SFN-100/130
19111150 Kit Heater SFN-160/210
18011150 Kit Heater SM-75 and 90
18011151 Kit Heater SM-75 and 90
16719000 Kit HS-270
19010460 Kit HURTH GearBox 630A
17411203 Kit Keel Cooler Exhaust For G.Box TM
18011200 Kit Keel Cooling SM-75,90
60974123 Kit Panel SCO10 to TE3 35 GT 24V Isolat.
60994123 Kit Panel SCO10 to TE3 85 GT 24V
19010220 Kit REV. B.W.For SFN-100/160
19110220 Kit REV. TM200 For SFN-210
19210210 Kit REV.PRMINI-302,402 SFN-160
19110210 Kit REV.TM-170 For SFN-210
19210200 Kit REV.TM170 For SFN-160
19110200 Kit REV.TM265 For SFN-210
19010200 Kit REV.TM93 SFN-100
17210100.1M KIT ZDRIVE VOLVO 270/280/290 Z=10 (MONT)
10110110.3M KIT ZDRIVE VOLVO 280/290 Z=10 (MONTAJE)
10010113.1M KIT ZDRIVE VOLVO 280/290 Z=26
10010110.1M KIT ZDRIVE VOLVO 280/290 Z=26 (MONTAJE)
17210110.1M KIT ZDRIVE VOLVO 280/290 Z=26 (MONTAJE)
13417050 Kit, Alternator 70A M-34
13410200 Kit,Gear box SMI
19211200 Kit,keel couling SFN-100/160
17130100.1 Marine to Genset M-62 kit
60574099 MINI-74 Genset Kit for ECO32
60574100 MINI-74 Genset Kit for ECO32
19210201 Morse TM-170 and oil cooler kit
17620000.4R Pack Base Motor Replacement MINI-29 v4 for v6
17220000.4R Pack de remplacement moteur de base MINI-33 v4 pour v6
17320000.4R Pack de remplacement moteur de base MINI-44 v4 pour v6
17A20100R Pack Engine Base Grupo SM-81
1A020000R Pack Engine Base SK-60
13820000.4R Pack Replacement Base Engine MINI-17 v4 for v6
60994405S Panel SCO 10 85 GT ETS 24V 400/230V
60571106 Panel Std. G20M16 kit
17114010 PUM Assy Set Fuel V. "A" N.0-11542
17114020 PUM Assy Set Fuel VERS."B" N.11543-16158
17114030 PUM Assy Set Fuel VERS."C" N.16159-23739
17114040 PUM Assy Set Fuel VERS."D" N.23740-99999
17114045 PUM Assy Set Fuel VERS."E" N.23740-99999
17114000 Pump Assy Set, Fuel MINI-62
60572103 Pump lift height kit 5 m
17517008 RMRS Electrical ProtectionS
17517008B RMRS Electrical ProtectionS Earth Isol.
19010120C Shaft
19013118 Silent dry exhaust kit
60539059.18 SINCRO MONO.1800 © assembly kit
24813511 SPROP60 in MD2020 VOLVO Inst. kit
19110230 TRaSF. 210 to 160 for tests kit
17211201S Wet exhaust elbow keel coller sup. kit and water pump