Acoustic insulation S5 - Boat accessories

Sound Insulator

High quality acoustic insulation ideal for high performance marine applications. It consists of three insulating layers of which 88 % is open cell polyurethane foam impregnated with anti-flammable treatment. The type of impregnation gives the product great durability. The insulating layer is a heavy sheet made up of an EPDM rubber-based polymer matrix and EVA flame retardant which, in addition to its many technical characteristics, offers high sound-absorbing properties. Finally, the coating is made of fibreglass fabric, which provides high mechanical strength and enhances soundproofing.

Part Number Description ThicknessRwWeightSelf-adhesiveDimensions
62007002 Solé Acustic Absorber S5 45mm 1160X960 mm 45 MM32 DB10,5 KGYes 1160X960 MM
62007003 Solé Acustic Absorber S5 45mm 560X960 mm 45 MM32 DB6 KGYes 560X960 MM