Accessories for Sail Drive SP60 Technodrive

Marine Accessory Packs

Additional accessories for optimum installation in order to get better performance from the Technodrive Sail Drive SP60 transmission. These kits consist of: fibreglass baseplate, exterior rubber seal, sensor kit, water leak alarm, and nut kit for a propeller with fixed blades.

Part Number Description
24813502 SP60 Fixed Propeller's Ogive
24813506 Fiber Glass Bed SPROP60 (MINI-33/44/55)
24813507 Fiber Glass Bed SP60 (MINI-62/SK-60)
24813508 External Rubber Gasket for SP60
24813509 Fiber Glass Bed SPROP60 (MINI-17/26/29)
24813510 Kit Water Leak Sensor & Alarm SP60 12V