50 GTC marine generator on Moonima Safari Boat

Our assemblies

Boat type Safari Boat
Model Moonima
Length 30
Displacement 0
Application Touristic, vacation
Equipment installed 50 GTC
Other equipment installed

Earth isolated installation, IP65 box

Service Dblue

Generators for commercial boats and yachts. See the global Solé Diesel distributor network for more information.

Our distributor in Maldives has installed a 50 GTC model generator to supply generators on board with electricity on this safari boat for diving cruises. This marine generator set belongs to Solé Diesel's heavy-duty range and is a safe bet on commercial applications with continuous power demand. In this version, the generator also has a soundproof canopy for a more comfortable and noise-free navigation.  The supplied 50 GTC is available with a variety of optional customization kits. In this case, earth isolated insulation, box with IP65 protection and amperometric transformers were included for greater control of the performance of the group.

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