33 Mistral sailboat repowering with MINI-33 engine

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Boat type Sailing boat
Model 33 Mistral
Length 10
Displacement 5
Application Historical, sports sailing
Replaced Volvo Penta MD2
Equipment installed MINI-33
Other equipment installed

19" x 17” 30 mm Ø shaft. Right direction of rotation

Service Hallberg Rassy

Inboard diesel engines for boats. Enjoy sailing with Solé Diesel,

This time our marine engine MINI-33 L is installed in a classic wooden sailboat semi-full keel. The replaced engine was a Volvo MD2 , in order to complete the replacement a bench mofication was necessary and the propeller was changed form 2 blades to 3: 19"" x 17"" clockwise turning. The installation was made by Carlos Buscató.

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