25 GT generator installed in a passenger ship

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Boat type Catamaran
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Charter
Equipment installed 25 GT
Other equipment installed
Service JB Systems AS Bolga Maritime

These marine generators are designed to meet electrical power needs on board any type of vessel. See the complete range in the Solé Diesel catalogue.

When the company that owns this passenger ship expressed its need to install a genset that could supply enough energy to supply all the consumers on board, the Solé distributor had a clear idea.

Given the characteristics of the space, the functions to be performed and the required supply, it was decided to install the 25 GT, one of Solé's best-sellers. This generator is compact, versatile, efficient and highly suitable for work applications where space is tight, but there is a high demand for power.

With a Mitsubishi engine block and Solé's own marinisation features manufactured entirely in our Barcelona plant, the 25 GT is a reliable choice to ensure your boat's power supply.

We’d like to thank JB Systems and Bolga Maritime for trusting Solé once again.

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