11 GT genset installation on pleasure boat in Maldives

Our assemblies

Boat type Motorboat
Model Bandos Maldives boat
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Pleasure boat
Equipment installed 11 GT
Other equipment installed
Service DBlue

Discover the Solé Diesel range of boat generators, developed for vessels of all types. Consult an authorised distributor on the many options available.

DBlue Marine, Solé's distributor in the Maldives, shared another magnificent project with us, developed for the Bandos Maldives resort.

The marine generator chosen on this occasion was the 11 GT, a versatile and highly functional model for supplying electrical power to this type of pleasure boat.

The Solé 11 GT generator set is manufactured with a Mitsubishi block and delivers 10.5 kVA in power.

On this occasion, Solé's distributor DBlue Marine took care of the entire project, from consultation to installation and commissioning of the generator. We thank you once again for your trust in us and for sharing this project with us.